Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Across denominations in the UK, numerous methods for evangelism are Essay

Across denominations in the UK, numerous methods for evangelism are advanced. Critically evaluate the evangelistic methodologies used by a local church forum you have recently visited - Essay Example Paul performed various actions such helping the needy and preaching the gospel in the street to spread the gospel of Christ. The modern church is experiencing a transformation in terms of evangelism. This results from advancements in technology and civilisation. Members of the present generation are obsessed with change, which implies that the church needs to change its approach to evangelism. In the United Kingdom for example, various evangelistic methods are effective in delivering the gospel of Christ to the people. The United Kingdom is among the countries where evangelistic initiates face resistance from the young section of the populace. Evangelists in the United Kingdom are developing evangelistic methods that attract the attention of the young generation in the quest to preach the gospel of Christ. Evangelistic methodologies differ across various denominations. For example, the catholic evangelists use different approaches compared to their Pentecostal counterparts (Medearis, 2011). There are, however, some similarities in the evangelistic methodologies in Christianity. The purpose of evangelism is to inform the society about the word of Christ through action or preaching. The most common evangelistic method in the United Kingdom is the church and street preaching. Other methodologies include home group evangelism, missionary, community service and friendship, prayer as well as Internet evangelisms (Medearis, 2011). This is an evangelistic method where a church member becomes friends with a non-believer and relays the message of salvation to them. The friendship evangelistic methodology is presently the most challenging evangelistic approach in the United Kingdom. Most members ascribed to the friendship evangelistic groups experience problems making friends with non-believers. Majority of people in the United Kingdom are capitalistic in nature, making it difficult for believers to meet non-believers. In addition, most people

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