Thursday, February 27, 2020

AAS 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

AAS 4 - Essay Example These crimes usually take place where there are people of different ethnicity, culture, religion or background living together in a tense and unsocial environment that tends to create differences which, with the passage of time, increase and become more influential and dominating in the society so as to create an everlasting difference that transfers from one generation to another. Vincent Jen Chin was an Asian American who originally belonged to China. He was brutally murdered through assaults in the month of June; year 1982 in the city of Detroit, Michigan’s closed society of Highland Park. Ronald Ebens who was a Chrysler plant supervisor murdered him with assistance from his stepson, Michael Nitz. The assault included baseball bat blows to the head and possessed numerous characteristics falling in the context of hate crimes. The case carries great importance in the context of hate crime as the assassination caused an outrage from the public due to the soft sentencing of both the men in a plea bargain. Later a Federal prosecution was carried out which was an outcome of the public demand through alliance numerous Asian ethnic organizations. This is why the assassination is believed to be the commencement of a movement of pan-ethnic Asian Americans. (Yip) Ethnic issues are increasing in offices and schools where there are brisk socio-economic modifications and such issues are the consequence of uneven work and educational prospects or bias practices in employment of staff. Deterrence of hate crimes and gang movements in schools as well as offices are the duty of school, employers and the police, who must take measures to make plans to take care of such activities and resolve racial

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